Two Seconds.

Two seconds is the time you have to impress visitors to your website before yawn . . . click . . . your site is gone . . . and they’re on to the next one. Information overload is constant, and our minds have created incredibly strong filters for recognizing poorly-designed information. Your site has to give them something better. In two seconds.

Anyone can take some pictures and text, stick them in a template, and slap it on the web. But is this what you want for your business? Believe it or not, there are principles of design, aesthetics, usability, and functionality that dramatically increase the chances of a user finding your site appealing—and actually hanging around long enough to learn more about your business.

At The Smart Media, we are experts in communication—visual, written, and electronic. Based in Dallas, Texas, we are a creative studio specializing in Graphic & Web Design, and we work with local, national, and global clients at the individualized level. From photographers, to copywriters, to back-end programmers, we provide our clients everything they need from start to finish.

Most important, we start the web design process by learning about your business, your customers, and what people need when they visit your site. The result is an online presence for your business unrivaled by your competitors. Aesthetic. Intuitive. Functional. Distinct. In other words, your two seconds will count.

Your business is not ordinary; your business is not average. Your website shouldn’t be either.