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Make Social Media Work for Your Business

Would you trade your friends for a free burger? Or take a free trip to a mystery destination with someone you barely know? For Facebook users, these are real questions with real answers, thanks to innovative ad campaigns by Burger King and Scandinavian Airlines.

Check out this video. It refers to a Burger King ad campaign where Facebook users would receive a free whopper if they deleted 10 friends. It totally turned the Facebook philosophy on its head, garnering huge buzz in the process; so huge, in fact, that Facebook started limiting the “Remove Friend” functionality, eventually forcing Burger King to end the campaign. Of course, it caused even more of a stir in the Facebook community when the campaign was called off, guaranteeing that millions more people would learn about the ad. For Burger King, this strategy was an unqualified success.

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Creating Typography: Exploring the Endless Possibilities

Typography is more than just a title or copy. It creates a feeling for a product, ad or commercial. It intrigues you, compels you to find out more and has become as much of a player as the product or idea that is being promoted. Typography used to be an after-thought. Well, not any more. Designers now know that the typography itself can actively engage an audience and create meaningful impact. Everything on a page, on a billboard, on a product contains the possibility to grab a customer’s attention and hopefully to retain it. The question of what can be done with typography is wide open.

Since the typical fonts (serif, sans serif) and black and white flatness are more than covered in the design market today, the team at decided that typography could use a bit of a sensory overhaul.

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