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Creating Typography: Exploring the Endless Possibilities

Typography is more than just a title or copy. It creates a feeling for a product, ad or commercial. It intrigues you, compels you to find out more and has become as much of a player as the product or idea that is being promoted. Typography used to be an after-thought. Well, not any more. Designers now know that the typography itself can actively engage an audience and create meaningful impact. Everything on a page, on a billboard, on a product contains the possibility to grab a customer’s attention and hopefully to retain it. The question of what can be done with typography is wide open.

Since the typical fonts (serif, sans serif) and black and white flatness are more than covered in the design market today, the team at decided that typography could use a bit of a sensory overhaul.

Founded in 2008 by designers Vladimir Loginov and Maksim Loginov, this company takes inspiration from every natural, and physical surface imaginable. If your magazine story is about pastries, the first letter can be a donut. The label on a bottle of water can have words with such an icy appeal that you literally feel the brisk chill of ice cubes through the typography. The letters have textures of sofa fabric (complete with buttons), of nature, manmade floors and paintbrushes, crunchy foam, food and wispy hair. Nothing can escape from their eyes and not become the basis of a typography story. Their goal is to show the world that typography needs to be taken seriously and that it can be just as cool, compelling and artistic as any physical product.

If shows you how typography could feel, smell and even taste, then the ad campaign created for the new Toyota IQ proves that typography can become a living, breathing and moving entity.

A commercial for a car and the creation of a new type of typography is hardly what you would think of as a force to be reckoned with. Toyota however, took this very unusual combination and made it fun, engaging and completely relatable to the every day consumer by merging three distinct and dynamic forces of designers, engineers and technology gurus. The car physically created a useful and ultimately downloadable typography that the entire world could access. Toyota stepped up with a revolutionary idea that took typography to a whole new level. Their goal was to create a strong branding image that everyone would be able to use and be intimately associated with the car: the IQ FONT. The result was over 600.000 online users who watched their campaign and over 24.000 download the font. These numbers continue to grow with the impact of their online pr and social media strategies.

Typography has broken boundaries and will never again sit in the background. The trends for typography will be as varied as the audiences they are designed to attract. Set back and pushed forward, twisted, crunched and flipped. This year will be the year of typographical innovation. Welcome to becoming an equal part of the design world, typography; it’s long overdue.

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